Tips for a Successful Green Card Application

To increase your chances of a successful green card application, consider the following tips:

  • Be organized: Keep track of all the documents you need to submit and ensure that they are up-to-date
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How Long Does It Take To Approve US I-765 Work Permit?

It takes anywhere between 150 to 200 days to get a US I-765 work permit. Earlier the I-765 processing time was around 90. However, an increase in applications leading

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US Citizenship

How Long Should an Immigrant Wait To Get US Citizenship After Applying?

The waiting time to get US citizenship after applying is around 12 to 24 months. However, this is the average time taken to process

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Green Card Interview: Must-Know Immigration Interview Questions

Adequate awareness, support, and preparation are key to beat the anxiety and apprehensions associated with immigration interview questions. The US green card is the ultimate aim of all immigrants with an American Dream. … Read More


By: Dennis Aguiar

The inauguration of Joe Biden introduces a new era of American immigration policies. A complete and effective rollback of all the DACA restrictions created a new, yet familiar instrument to live in the country. Joe Biden’s America … Read More

Renewing your Green Card

Green Card Process

Becoming a United States Citizen begins with first acquiring Legal Permanent Status aka Green Card status. To do this you must be eligible through either work or a family based petition. In this article I will explain Read More

Voluntary Departure

What is Voluntary Departure with the Immigration Court?

When a person aka respondent is in removal proceedings, it is the job of the immigration lawyer to identify possible relief for the respondent. Relief is the term given to the options … Read More

US Citizenship Test

One of the last steps in the process of becoming a United States citizen is passing your US citizenship test.

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Renewing your Green Card

A service that Zavala Texas law offers a lot of the Houston-based immigrants is renewing their legal permanent residence AKA green card.

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Renewing your Green Card

What happens if I am married to a US Citizen?

A question I receive often  as an immigration lawyer from individuals is “what if I am married to a US Citizen?” The reason people ask this is that when a Read More