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Consulting an experienced and reliable Houston criminal defense lawyer is the best option to avoid wide-ranging effects of criminal charges in Texas. Being arrested or under criminal investigation is one of the scariest experiences a person has to go through. Every action following the accusation has serious consequences. Whether it is a major or minor criminal accusation, it threatens your current situation and can also upset future educational opportunities and you career.

Let an experienced criminal attorney at Zavala Texas Law help you prepare your defense and fight the charges. We work on all types of criminal cases and help individuals know their rights, navigate the complex criminal justice system, and protect their reputation from being ruined.

Protecting Your Rights

If you are in Texas and accused of a crime, the consequences can be devastating. However, criminal charges don’t automatically mean you are convicted and jailed. Texas law confers certain rights and allows every accused to defend himself. If you or a loved one is under investigation or has been arrested, do not hesitate and call us. Our Houston criminal defense lawyer is ready to review your case, guide you through various options, and give advice.

A consultation with our criminal lawyers help you understand:

  • the nature of criminal charges
  • how to arrange bonds
  • available and possible defenses
  • punishment
  • your options, including if a plea bargain can help
  • defense chances at trial
  • your eligibility for probation and deferred adjudication
  • impact of charges on your public record

Zavala Texas Law and its attorneys take pride on their availability, compassionate yet expert guidance, and success in representing clients in a broad range of criminal cases, including DUI, assault, a felony, domestic violence, pending warrants, and drug-related offenses. Experienced in working with individuals from all walks of life, our Houston criminal defense lawyer fully understands distress, confusion, and apprehension accompanying criminal accusations and helps you achieve the best possible outcome.

Defending at Every Step

With ample experience and legal expertise, our dedicated Houston criminal defense lawyers have the  skill to fight your case at any of the following stages.

  • Pre-arrest investigation: Representing, advising, and defending you during the investigation so that you can avoid any incriminating statement or action and start the initiative to defend.
  • Arrest: From identifying procedural mistakes, questioning police methods, dealing with warrants, and upholding your rights during the arrest to arranging and filing bail bonds.
  • Bond hearing:  Attending the emergency bond hearing and persuading the judge with evidence to lower your bond and ensuring your release.
  • Pre-trial: Investigation, analysis of evidence, continuous contact with clients, the filing of motions, pre-trial status conferences, and other efforts to reinforce the defense.
  • Trial: Aggressively defending against charges and filing for motion hearings to suppress evidence.
  • Jury selection: Using legal means to exclude unfavorable persons from the jury.
  • Plea bargaining: Negotiating with the prosecution to ensure the best possible deal.
  • Sentencing and appeal: Making sure you get a lenient sentence, deferred adjudication, or probation in case of overwhelming odds against you and successfully post-conviction appeal against prison terms or fines.
  • Expunging records: Helping to remove your negative record from the database and making sure your criminal charges impact your career.

Seeking Relief in Multiple Ways

A Houston criminal lawyer at Zavala Texas Law will use their skills to get you the best result possible. This includes the following.

  • Helping to put in place the best possible defense strategy.
  • Aggressively countering the prosecution and defeating their charges ensuring your release.
  • Fighting to reduce the criminal charges to a lesser degree.
  • Decreasing the severity of the sentence in case of conviction.
  • Trying to prevent jail time through probation.
  • Ensuring expunctions and non-disclosure procedures to protect you against any discrimination

Criminal Justice Practice Areas

The Zavala Texas Law has successfully represented clients in a broad range of criminal and immigration matters. Here are a few of the criminal legal issues that we can help you with.

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We fully understand how scared and nervous one feels when facing a criminal prosecution in Texas. Whether you are still thinking about your options, or you are ready to obtain legal representation, call a reliable criminal defense lawyer at Zavala Texas Law today for help.

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