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Renewing DACA

The importance of making sure you renew DACA

If you currently are on DACA status then you should know the importance of renewing your DACA when it is close to expiring. DACA allows for people who entered this country at a young age and who qualified for DACA to be able to obtain DACA status. This allows them to work and stay in the country as long as their DACA is renewed every two years and they do not commit any crimes that make them ineligible.

Why is it important to renew DACA?

If a person does not renew their DACA status then they fall out of legal status sand may be deported/removed by the US government. Renewing your DACA is something that should be on every DACA holder’s calendar. The DACA card says the expiration date on the card and that is the date on which the person should have already applied to renew their DACA status.

When someone renews their DACA status they are given another extension to stay in the country and also work legally as well.

What happens if I do not renew my DACA?

If you forget to renew your DACA then I suggest you speak with an immigration lawyer in Houston to see what your options are. We must first understand why you didn’t renew your DACA and if there is a way to still renew.  If you did not renew your DACA because of criminal convictions then it is necessary you speak with a criminal and immigration attorney.

Assuming you just forgot to renew your DACA it may still be possible to get another valid DACA extension. Please consult with us regarding renewing your DACA status to see how it is we can help.

Need help renewing your DACA?

We understand that renewing your DACA is very important to you and your career. USCIS is in charge of all DACA Renewals and we have vast experience helping the people of Texas with their DACA renewals. If you or a loved one need help with renewing your DACA please feel free to contact us at Zavala Texas Law.



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