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Immigration Law

The US immigration system is a complex web of laws and regulations. With a political overtone becoming more prominent, enforcement is getting tighter while changes to the immigration system are more frequent now than ever. This has brought consequences and opportunities for existing and prospective immigrants. The guidance of an experienced Houston immigration lawyer is a must for them to know the latest changes and their implications in Texas.

Zavala Texas Law has been assisting individuals and organizations attain their immigration goals in Texas. Our expertise in intricate immigration laws ensures focused help for facing deportation charges and put up a successful removal defense through waivers, LPR cancellation, and immigration bonds. We offer fast, efficient solutions to people applying to become a citizen or seeking permanent residency in the United States by exploring the right option and advising on timely completion of visa procedures.

The Expertise of Zavala Texas Law Immigration Attorneys

With a focused and high-touch approach underlined with a compassionate view of migrants, our immigration lawyers are skillful and experienced to help you, your fiancée, family members, children, parents, friends, and employees in the following areas.

  • Citizenship and Naturalization: Helping to meet eligibility, remove conditions, process applications, reunite with family, go through procedures successfully, and pursuing US citizenship satisfying your immigration goals.    
  • Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card): Facilitating marriage-based, family-based, employment-based, refugee status-Based, and investor Green Cards by assisting them to apply, remove conditions, getting waivers, and facing interviews.
  • DACA (Dream Act): Assisting eligible candidates to apply with the USCIS, get DACA Status, secure work permit and social security, and renew the status as per the schedule.
  • Removal Charges: Fighting removal charges using all possible legal instruments to ensure relief countering deportability charges, seeking a waiver and LPR cancellation, arranging immigration bonds, filing Board of Immigration appeals, and checking adjustment status eligibility to save one from being deported.
  • Visas: Guiding and helping in filing for visas of various types appropriate for non-citizen workers, employees, students, businessmen, investors, migrants, families, fiancée, partners, spouses, victims of violence, women subject to abuse, prosecution witnesses, etc.

The Specialist Houston Immigration Lawyer

Our law firm stands by our clients supporting, guiding, and advising them at every step so that they don’t face any inconvenience while getting through the immigration system quickly and easily. Thousands of immigrants looking for life-changing opportunities in the United States and our immigration attorney fully recognizes their lawful ambitions and gears to help them in their attempt to seek a better life and transform lives of family members.

With a commitment to see you seek and enjoy a better life and employment in Texas, our Houston immigration lawyer advises anyone looking to work, study, or invest in the United States. Our proficiency in the Immigration and Nationality Act – the all-pervasive immigration code – allow us to handle all issues ranging from visa and green cards to asylum and deportation issues. The law firm’s immigration attorney represents clients in the Houston Immigration Court, immigration forums, federal appellate tribunals, and other legal forums. If one is in deportation proceedings in Texas, our immigration lawyer analyse the situation to see if there is a way that deportation can be avoided.

The United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) deals with all applications that are submitted on behalf of immigrants. If you are trying to get a work visa or a student visa, the USCIS is the authority to submit your paperwork and make a decision. If a United States citizen or legal permanent resident marries a foreigner, they have to petition the agency to bring their loved one into the country. Our experience as an immigration lawyer comes handy for you to prepare the applications and get them approved without any fear of rejection.

The Legal Support

Our Houston immigration lawyer can provide legal assistance if you wish to

  • live in the United States temporarily or permanently
  • study in the country
  • get work permit
  • remove conditional residency on your green card
  • bring skilled labor from abroad
  • help your fiancée or family members to move to the United States
  • apply and achieve US citizenship
  • seek asylum
  • fight deportation orders

How Can We Stand For You?

Houston immigration lawyers at Zavala Texas Law have successfully represented clients on a broad spectrum of immigration issues. Whether a loved one is in deportation proceedings or if you want to bring an individual into this country, we can help you find the best solution. Contact us to discuss your immigration situation and how we can help.

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