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Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions: What To Expect

A marriage-based green card is an exclusive option for foreign spouses of US citizens to become permanent residents. There is no limit on marriage-based green cards and spouses get it under the category “immediate relatives.” This allows them to legally reside and work in the United States and become citizens.

However, the process requires to undergo a marriage-based green card interview to become eligible. The citizen spouse first applies for an I-130 petition. The next step is to file I-485 seeking Adjustment of Status seeking a marriage-based green card. It is important to get the help of an immigration attorney to avoid the rejection of your application. The attorney’s support is also handy in anticipating and preparing for green card interview questions for your spouse.

Once your application under I-148 is accepted, you have to appear for a prescheduled marriage-based green card interview. This requires both spouses to participate in the interview, which is conducted by an immigration officer

The purpose of the marriage-based green card interview is to check if the marriage is genuine or the couple is just entered into a marriage to get a green card only. So, expect the interview questions for your spouse to cover your relationship and all aspects of life, including descriptions of your home and bedroom.

Here is a list of potential and well-known marriage-based green card interview questions. Please note that these are just to give you an idea of what you need to prepare for and familiarize yourself with the type of immigration interview questions for married couples. You may or may not be asked all these questions subject to the discretion of immigration officers.

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions on Your Relationship

• Where did you meet your spouse?
• Which is the place of your first date?
• How did you come to know each other?
• Did any friend introduce you to your spouse?
• How long you dated each other?
• When did you realize that you are in love with your spouse?
• Who proposed first?
• How and where did it happen?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions About Your Wedding

• Where, when, and how you got married?
• How many people attended?
• Tell a few names of common friends who attended?
• Who were the bridesmaids/groomsmen?
• What did you and your spouse wear during the marriage?
• Was there any reception or celebration?
• Did you go for any themed event or entertainment?
• Did you have a color scheme for the marriage?
• Where did you go for your honeymoon? When? Which hotel or resort did you stay at?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions About Daily Life:

• Who gets up first?
• How many alarms do you set?
• Who sleeps on what side of the bed?
• What do you eat for breakfast?
• Who is your spouse’s employer?
• What time do you each arrive home from work?
• Who does the dishes?
• What day is your garbage picked up?
• Who takes care of the finances?
• Do you have any pets? Who takes care of it?
• Where do you keep the spare toilet paper?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions About Family

• Have you met families of one another before marriage?
• Where did you meet them and how many times?
• How many siblings your spouse has? Who are they? What are their names?
• How often do you talk to each other’s families?
• How long since you last saw them?
• Do you spend holidays with your spouse’s family?
• Have you ever traveled to a place with them? Which place?
• What types of gifts you gave to each other’s family members?
• Are there any nieces or nephews of your spouse? What are their names?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions About Nighttime Routines

• What size bed do you have?
• How many windows are in your bedroom?
• Is there any television in the bedroom?
• Which type or colored comforter you have?
• Does your spouse brush or bathe before you go to bed?
• Does your spouse read or watch television at night?
• What type of nightdress your spouse wear?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions Your Home

• How many rooms in your home?
• Is it an apartment or a home?
• Is your home rented or owned?
• Is there any mortgage to buy it?
• How much is your mortgage or rent?
• Do you have a garage?
• What color is your sofa?
• What is the make of your television?
• Where do house guests sleep?
• What type of window coverings do you have in your living room?
• How many bathrooms you have?
• Do you use the front, side, or back door?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions About Your Cooking

• Who does cooking most of the time?
• What do you like the most to cook?
• Which food your spouse like the most?
• What is the color of your kitchen?
• Who typically goes grocery shopping?
• Where from you buy your groceries?
• How often you order from outside?
• Where from you order the most?
• Do you go outside to have your food?
• Which restaurant do you like the most?
• Do you have a barbecue or grill?
• Is your stove gas or electric?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions About Technology

• What brand of television you have?
• Which cable connection you use?
• What brand of cell phone your spouse has?
• Which TV show your spouse like the most?
• Which television show do you love to watch together?
• How many desktops or laptops you have at home?
• What is your Wi-Fi password?
• What model of car your spouse drives?
• Which radio station your spouse listens to while driving?

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions on Celebrations

• What is the date of birth of your spouse?
• What is the date of your anniversary?
• What present did you gift to your spouse on her last birthday?
• Do you attend religious ceremonies together? Which ceremonies?
• What is the favorite holiday of your spouse?
• How did you spend your last Thanksgiving and Christmas?
• How was your spouse dressed up last Halloween?
• What did you do on New Year’s Eve?
• Did you watch movies together? Which one did you watch last time?

The success of your green card application depends much on your ability to give a satisfactory answer to immigration interview questions for married couples. To know more about the application process and the Adjustment of Status, please get in touch with us. We are ready to help you prepare yourself with possible marriage-based green card interview questions.

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