5.0 stars

Gets the Job Done

Mr. Zavala is a great attorney, you will not go wrong hiring him. He answered countless questions and was always so professional. He tackled my expunction and I am on my way to a clear record.

Posted by Christel

5.0 stars

Excellent Work

We hired the lawyer Charles Zavala to handle my dad’s case. Charles Zavala was very professional. My dad is spanish speaking only and I loved how Charles took the time to translate everything and break it down for him. He was always there when we needed him and he was always very punctual to every court hearing. He was able to drop a charge and fought for the best outcome. We couldn’t be happier with him and I highly recommend him.

Posted by Abigail

5.0 stars

Felony Charge Dropped

I was arrested for lighting a trashcan on fire at my school. I didn’t do it but no on believed me. I hired Charles Zavala and he helped me through the case and got my case dismissed! When no one believed me he did!

Posted by Walter

5.0 stars

Hard Negotiation and Case Dismissed!!!!

I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. If I was found guilty I could lose my legal status in this country. Charles negotiated with the prosecutor and was able to get my case dismissed if I completed certain requirements. Thank you!!!!

Posted by a client

5.0 stars

Probation Instead of Jail!!!!

Carlos, helped me get probation on my 2nd DWI. I was scared I was going to jail and I would not be able to become a citizen. He helped me get probation and help me with my citizenship to.

Posted by Mario

5.0 stars

Helped Me Understand and How I could Help

I called Charles Zavala because a friend of mine was in trouble. He helped me understand the situation better and gave me great advise.

Posted by a client

5.0 stars

Helped My Brother a Lot!!!

Charles helped my brother when he was arrested and looking up to 20 years of jail. He was able to get him on probation. Thank you!

Posted by a Janett

5.0 stars

Charles Fought For My Case…

I was arrested for something I did while I was drunk. I was embarrassed and regretful. I call Charles and he help explain my case and to walk me through it. In the end he was able to help me a lot and now I do no have to worry about potential immigration problems.

Posted by Alfonso

5.0 stars

Case Dismissed and No Immigration Problems

Charles got my case dismissed!!! If i was found guilty I would have had to go to jail and would have lost my immigration papers. The prosecutors dropped the charges and now I can go back to my normal life and not worry about being deported,


Posted by Maria

5.0 stars

Informative and Very Personable

I went to see Charles Zavala, when I needed some help and information in getting a lawyer. Charles was referred to me by a family friend who said he was smart and trustworthy. I called Charles and he scheduled an appointment in his office as soon as I was able to. He is very charismatic and you can see he enjoys his job. He explained my potential legal situation, its outcomes, and possibilities. Luckily, I can say charges were never brought upon me, but Charles Zavala helped ease my fear and really explained to me the situation. I would recommend Charles Zavala to anyone who needs a Criminal lawyer.

Posted by a client

5.0 stars

Not Guilty on My Assault Charge

We went to trial and the jury found me not guilty. He put a good defense together and worked hard on my case. I would recommend him to everyone.

Posted by a client

5.0 stars

Charges Dropped!

I was charged with Assault and Interfering with Public Duties. Charles Zavala had both of my cases dismissed fast! He communicated with me every step of the process and worked hard to get my cases dismissed. Thank you.

Posted by Yessenia

5.0 stars

Mr. Zavala Had My Son’s Bond Reduced

Mr. Zavala help lower my sons bond when it was very high because he is an illegal lien. He had it reduced from $55,000 to much more affordable. He was nice and always communicate with us. I would recommend him to everyone, especially to immigrants.
Gracias por todo.

Posted by Paladino

5.0 stars

He Worked Hard For My Case Dismissal When Others Wouldn’t

Others lawyers I spoke with wanted to get me to plea bargain but Charles Zavala took a chance on me and my case got dismissed completely. Thank you so much!

Posted by juan

5.0 stars

Thank You For Your Service

Mr. Zavala helped me in my criminal trial. He was very polite, smart and always communicate with me. I had two charges and he had them both dismissed. He is a very good person.


Posted by a client

5.0 stars

Case Dismissed and Quickly

Mr. Zavala had my misdemeanor case dismissed because I was wrongly arrested and convicted of crime. He fought for me and got the results I deserved.

Posted by Rufino

5.0 stars

Thank You Mr. Zavala

Mr. Zavala was the lawyer for my daughters immigration process. I had been to two different lawyers and they all told me that there was no option for my daughter except deportation. After I visited the Law Office of Juan Reyes, they told me she had other options. At this moment they are reviewing my daughters applications to stay in this country. Thank you Law Offices of Juan Reyes and Mr. Zavala

Posted by Maribel

5.0 stars

Trustworthy and Informative

Disclaimer: I am writing this on behalf of my uncle, who does not speak English.

Mr. Zavala helped both me and my brother during our Criminal case in Harris County. We were both very scared because we were accused of a crime we did not commit but we were afraid no one would believe us because we don’t speak English. Mr. Zavala explained to us the situation and informed us of what was occurring at every step of the process. He put in a lot of work and saved us from jail time because the person was lying. He helped us so much.

Posted by Ceaser

February 27, 2016

Great start to the weekend in Houston Immigration Court. We had a trial based on Asylum relief and it was GRANTED! Our client was a victim of violence and escaped her country because of domestic violence. We were able to show enough proof to defeat the Department of Homeland Security and convince the judge!

October 23, 2015

Success in the 178th District Court!!! After six months of a very time consuming case, I am happy to announce that the prosecutors DISMISSED the Second Degree Felony charges against my client. Walter was looking at jail time and ultimately deportation if he were found guilty. He told me his side of the story and I went investigating. I was able to find the evidence we needed to prove he didn’t commit any crime.

October 21, 2015

Success!!! Today is a great day for little Alan and his family. The Judge granted our request for “Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.” Alan can now stay in the United States with his adoptive family.

September 11, 2015

This morning I was set for Felony trial in Harris County because my client, Franklin, was charged with a crime he did not commit. The investigation produced insufficient evidence and after over seven months of hard investigation, I was able to find the PROOF that proved my client was innocent. Minutes before trial the prosecutor agreed to DISMISS the charges against my client. I would like to thank Franklin’s family and everyone who helped me prove Franklin was innocent.