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"I help everyday people who are
stuck in bad situations and need
someone who can help and they
can trust."
- Charles K. Zavala

What our happy clients say

  • Mr. Zavala is a great attorney, you will not go wrong hiring him. He answered countless questions and was always so professional. He tackled my expunction and I am on my way to a clear record.

  • We hired the lawyer Charles Zavala to handle my dad’s case. Charles Zavala was very professional. My dad is spanish speaking only and I loved how Charles took the time to translate everything and break it down for him. He was always there when we needed him and he was always very punctual to every court hearing. He was able to drop a charge and fought for the best outcome. We couldn’t be happier with him and I highly recommend him.

  • I was arrested for lighting a trashcan on fire at my school. I didn’t do it but no on believed me. I hired Charles Zavala and he helped me through the case and got my case dismissed! When no one believed me he did!

  • I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. If I was found guilty I could lose my legal status in this country. Charles negotiated with the prosecutor and was able to get my case dismissed if I completed certain requirements. Thank you!!!!

    Anonymous Client
  • I called Charles Zavala because a friend of mine was in trouble. He helped me understand the situation better and gave me great advise.

    Anonymous Client
  • Charles helped my brother when he was arrested and looking up to 20 years of jail. He was able to get him on probation. Thank you!

  • I was arrested for something I did while I was drunk. I was embarrassed and regretful. I call Charles and he help explain my case and to walk me through it. In the end he was able to help me a lot and now I do no have to worry about potential immigration problems.


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