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USCIS Travel Document (I-131)

The importance and understanding of a USCIS Travel Document (Form I-131) What is a Travel Document? (I-131) Depending on what your immigration status in the USA a form I-131 Travel Document may or may not apply to you. However, for certain immigrants who are in this country under certain status such as DACA or a … Continue reading “USCIS Travel Document (I-131)”

Criminal Convictions and Green Cards aka Legal Permanent Residents

Criminal Convictions and Green Cards aka Legal Permanent Residents Even if you have a green card aka Legal Permanent Residence, the US government can still deny you the residence in the USA if you have certain criminal convictions. There are two sets of rules that apply when it comes to criminal convictions and legal permanent … Continue reading “Criminal Convictions and Green Cards aka Legal Permanent Residents”

Importance of Contracts for a Small Business Owner

 The importance of a contract for a small business owner In any ordinary course of business, contracts are what keeps the business together. A contract is formal agreement between parties agreeing to certain terms. A contract can present itself in many forms ranging from employment offers, purchase orders, settlements, etc. Why do I have to … Continue reading “Importance of Contracts for a Small Business Owner”

Advantages and disadvantages of forming an LLC, limited liability company, in Texas

Advantages and Disadvantages of an LLC Whenever someone’s decides to form a business, one of the very critical decisions will be what business entity to form. There are many entities ranging from a Corporation, S Corp, LLC, general partnership, limited partnership and others. However, being a business owner and knowing which business entity to form … Continue reading “Advantages and disadvantages of forming an LLC, limited liability company, in Texas”

Factors to consider before applying with Immigration

Applying for a Green Card or Visa If you’re trying to obtain a non-immigrant Visa or legal permanent resident status AKA green card, there are two major things you should consider before applying for your visa. Eligibility The first step to come to United States is to see if you are eligible for an immigrant … Continue reading “Factors to consider before applying with Immigration”

USCIS: I-797C Explained

What is an I-797C Receipt? Anytime you file applications with USCIS they will send you what’s called an I-797C receipt. This is a confirmation that USCIS received your application and it is currently being processed . I-797C  receipt is called that because on the upper right hand corner it says I-797C. No matter what application … Continue reading “USCIS: I-797C Explained”

Immigration Law Houston

Travel Considerations for Immigrants

Travel considerations for immigrants If you are here on an immigrant visa or green card, there are a few things you should consider before traveling out of the United States. If you plan on entering the USA again you will be inspected by Department of Homeland Security upon your entrance. They will check if you … Continue reading “Travel Considerations for Immigrants”

Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing? Whats a boy to do?

Obtaining Legal Permanent Residence for your Spouse aka Green Card Everyone knows that being married to a United Citizen can carry with it immigration benefits. What benefits exactly though? When an immigrant marries a citizen, they are now eligible to become a green card holder aka legal permanent resident. There are two ways to apply … Continue reading “Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing? Whats a boy to do?”

Voluntary Departure Explained

What is Voluntary Departure with the Immigration Court? When a person aka respondent is in removal proceedings, it is the job of the immigration lawyer to identify possible relief for the respondent. Relief is the term given to the options the person has to remain in the country if any at all. Once you identify … Continue reading “Voluntary Departure Explained”

Crime Involving Moral Turpitude

What the heck is a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT)? If you practice Immigration law you probably run into the issue of CIMT aka crimes involving moral turpitude. But what is a crime involving moral turpitude? Who decides and how does it affect immigration? All these are good questions that your immigration lawyer should tell … Continue reading “Crime Involving Moral Turpitude”

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