Avoiding a Traffic Ticket: LASIK


Over the 4th of July weekend, I took a trip to scenic Brenham, Texas to enjoy a relaxing weekend in a small Texas town. As anyone who has ever visited the area knows the landscape and scenic route is beautiful and it may cause ones foot to get pretty heavy on the accelerator. Long story short, I got pulled over for speeding and got a traffic ticket.

The state trooper was very courteous and we chatted for a little bit. As he was inspecting my driver’s license he saw that I had the “Corrective Lenses Restriction” on the back of my license. (Anyone who uses glasses or contacts should have this restriction on the back of their license).

He asked me about my corrective lenses and I proudly told him that I no longer use corrective lenses because I received LASIK surgery and no longer needed corrective lenses. He told me that was fantastic but my license still indicated that I needed corrective lenses.

At this point I wasn’t sure if he didn’t know what LASIK was, so I begin explaining the procedure and he cut me off stating that he knows. Unfortunately, when you get LASIK or any procedure to adjust your eyesight you must get the restriction lifted from your license.

Luckily at the end of my encounter with the officer, he just gave me a warning on the speeding but did give me a traffic ticket for my “Corrective Lenses Restriction.” He told me that if I got the restriction removed before the court date, they would dismiss it. To do this, just go to DPS and get the restriction removed. It was a very easy process to do.

Certainly I’m not the only person to have had vision adjustment. Check your Texas driver’s license and see if you have the Corrective Lenses Restriction. If you do, and you no longer require correction, be sure to update your license so that you don’t get a citation over something you probably never thought of.