How Long Does It Take To Approve US I-765 Work Permit?

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How Long Does It Take To Approve US I-765 Work Permit?

It takes anywhere between 150 to 200 days to get a US I-765 work permit. Earlier the I-765 processing time was around 90. However, an increase in applications leading to backlogs has now caused a delay. An applicant now has to wait for 5 to 7 months as the usual I-765 processing time has gone up. However this can depend on many factors such as which eligible category you are in.

Form I-765 is the application for the US employment authorization document. It allows a foreign national to stay and work in the United States. There are different categories of visas for those coming to the United States. However, these visas with the exception of a specific work visa allow noncitizens only to visit or stay in the United States and they can’t legally work with any US employer. Noncitizens should apply with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which provides an I-765 work permit as a temporary employment authorization measure.

Contact an expert US immigration attorney for Form I-765 application and its renewal to continue working in the United States.

Who can work in the United States?

The permission to work in the United States is subject to immigration status. Based on that it can be divided into categories.

Natural and naturalized U.S. citizens, who don’t need any work authorization.

Lawful permanent residents, who do not need work permits.

Non-immigrant, non-resident workers, who come to the United States with a temporary work visa with a specific purpose defined.

Resident immigrant workers, who have legal authorization with a work visa.

Students and exchange visitors, who can study and obtain permission to work in the United States during their stay.

Who and when should apply for the I-765 US work permit?

Any non-citizen legally living in the United States can apply for the I-765 work permit. Whether one is a refugee, an asylum seeker, an employment-based nonimmigrant visa spouse or children of a visa holder, a foreign student, a holder of a family-based visa, or one applied for an adjustment of status, every non-citizen can seek a US work permit. One can file it with a green card application or separately afterward. However, the procedural formalities and documents needed may vary on a case-to-case basis. Get in touch with a US immigration attorney to know I-765 work permit requirements.

Getting an I-765 work permit

Approval of Form I-765 application enables one to work in the United States. The I-765 US work permit request when approved provides a noncitizen with a plastic card as an employment authorization document. This contains information about that person, including age, nationality, birth date, immigration details, restrictions, etc. However, this US work permit doesn’t confer Green Card benefits and is valid for one year. The authorized person can apply to renew it for another year.

What are the documents required for the I-765 US work permit?

A general overview of the USCIS requirements calls for the following documents to be submitted along with the Form I-765 application.

Copies of passport and US visa

Form I-94 detailing entry and exit history

Two recent 2/2 photos of the applicant

Alien Registration Number

Birth certificate

Photo ID

Previous third-country visa details

A national document attesting applicant identity and fingerprint

Copies of prior work permit, if any

What are possible grounds for I-765 US work permit denial?

The USCIS may reject a Form I-765 application for working in the United States, if

the application is not filled properly,

the application is incomplete,

if the documents are lacking, or

if one obtains a green card prior to I-765 EAD approval.

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How to prepare to start working in the United States?

Having an I-765 work permit employment authorization doesn’t automatically entitle one to work in the United States. The authorized person needs a social security number too to join any job. From 2017 onward, Form I-765 has a part for applying to obtain a social security number along with employment authorization.

How to renew the I-765 work permit?

A person with I-765 work permit authorization can apply for its renewal six months before the expiration of the present EAD card validity. This requires the filing of another I-765 Form together with a copy of the EAD card and two recent photos. Consult a professional US immigration attorney, who can help you do this smoothly and well ahead of the expiry of your present permit to work in the United States.

Working in the United States without employment authorization may lead to your arrest and deportation ending the American dream. Contact the expert immigration attorney at Zavala Texas Law to apply and get the US I-765 work permit in the minimum possible time. You can also watch our videos here on Youtube!

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