How long does it take to apply for citizenship?

Citizenship application

How long does it take to apply for citizenship?

The last step of the immigration process is US citizenship. Legal Permanent Residents aka Green Card holders are allowed to apply for citizenship after 3 or 5 years of being a resident. To apply for citizenship one has to file the N400 as well as all the supporting documents needed. A question I get asked a lot is how long does it take to apply for citizenship or how long will I have to wait.

When applying for citizenship there are two things you need to consider

1. The time to prepare your application, gather all your forms and send them off to the government.

The information needed for the application is very important. USCIS can deny your application if you do not give them all the information requested therefore it’s important that you take time to gather all your documents and make sure everything is done correctly before you send it off. 

    1. How long will it take to process with USCIS?

Once you send it off it can take USCIS approximately over one year to approve or deny your citizenship application. In the past, citizenship applications have been approved within 6 months but currently, in 2019 they are taking over a year.

Tracking your citizenship process

When USCIS receives your citizenship application, they will issue out an I-797c receipt with a tracking number. You can use that tracking number to follow your case with the USCIS website.

The last step of the immigration process we always recommend that you do it with an experienced professional. You want to have smooth sailing so there are no problems that are going to cost you more money, headaches and potential problems with your immigration status.

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