What’s the difference between misdemeanor and felony in Texas?

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What’s the difference between misdemeanor and felony in Texas?

In Texas, the criminal justice system divides crimes you can commit into two categories misdemeanors and felonies. Each of them carries different consequences and can affect you differently.

What is a misdemeanor?

In Texas, a misdemeanor that maximum punishment could be up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Within the category of misdemeanor there is Class A Class B and Class C. The most severe is Class A and the least severe is Class C

If you look at our criminal punishment range you can see the exact consequences of each one.

What is a felony?

A felony is any crime that is above a misdemeanor which could either include a first-degree, second-degree, third-degree or state jail felony.

More serious crimes usually fall under the category of a felony and have longer lifetime implications.

Who handles misdemeanors and felonies?

Felony cases are handled by the district courts while misdemeanor cases are handled by County Courts.

What to do if you have a misdemeanor or felony case?

If you’ve been popped with either a misdemeanor or felony case it’s best to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who could either get your case dismissed or your charges reduced.

Here at Zavala Texas Law, we are experienced with handling criminal defense cases both misdemeanors and felonies. If you or someone you know has been charged call we love to explain to you options and discuss how we could go from there.

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