US Citizenship Test

US Citizenship Test

One of the last steps in the process of becoming a United States citizen is passing your US citizenship test.

Everyone has to take the US citizenship test to become a US citizen unless you can prove that you have a physical or mental disability that does not allow you to take the test.

Most of my clients are nervous about the US citizenship test however the citizenship test is not an intense exam lasting hour. Instead, they will just test to see if you have a basic understanding of the English language. Whether you can read, write and speak the language. They will also ask you civic questions to see if you have a general knowledge of the United States.

At first, the civics test may seem a little scary but what if I told you that I have the questions USCIS is going to ask you? In fact, the government publishes all 100 questions that could potentially be asked to you on your citizenship test. Of the 100 questions, they will only choose 10 and of those 10 you must get only 6 right. This doesn’t seem so hard now does it?

Some of the questions are very easy such as what colors are on the flag of the United States. Others could be a little bit trickier such as questions about congress. Remember they do give you access to the US citizenship questions so all you must do is study.

If you or a loved one is thinking about taking the US citizenship exam, please feel free to call us a Zavala Texas law help you prepare your application make sure that you with flying colors.

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